Act upon your inspirations

Self worth is compassionately knowing you’re worth your own appreciation regardless of  your current limitations” 

This was my finishing statement in an always deep and meaningful conversation I recently had with a close friend of mine. The bulk of the conversation lead through a rough patch he was currently experiencing in his personal life. Often we reach out to trusted friends or family when we are experiencing times of turmoil in our lives to seek a different perspective hoping to make sense of it all. And if you’re sitting there saying “no I certainly do not” give it a try the next time you find yourself feeling a little friction in life and notice not only how difficult it is to talk about ones problems, but how incredibly therapeutic it is as well. But that is a topic waiting to be written on another time. This is merely the back story that inspired my thoughts on, said, Inspiration. 

I reflected on the conversation for a little while, as I do anything because I can’t simply let things go at the drop of a dime. It is both my blessing and my curse. It wasn’t necessarily what we conversed about in actuality that had my thoughts on the move, in regards to the happenings and situations throughout my life that enables me the opportunity to dig deep into conscious conversation and articulate the world as I know it in ways that can help not only my friends and family but more often than not my own self. What drives us to do the things that we do? My only conclusion is that we are inspired to hone in on our own special set of skills and practices by individuals that were once inspired very similarly to be the people they chose to be. Which brings me to my over accentuated point that if people before us didn’t act upon their inspirations. If they didn’t take a chance to embark on their uncharted revelations carrying only their good intentions and dreams alike then we wouldn’t we have anywhere near as many beautiful and thought provoking additions to our world. Would we have music that has ignited our lives in the morning, or overwhelmed our bodies with that tingling feeling of nostalgia? Would we have resilient individuals working to better the condition that our planet is aimed for? Would we have people willing to share their fitness journeys openly; inspiring so many with the courage it takes to be vulnerable in order to make a change both physically and mentally? And to the root of all this lettering, would I have created a small blog in a universe of online content, sharing my thoughts, experiences and inspirations in hopes of making a positive impact to those willing to read in if I was not inspired by those around me to do so? 

So my conclusion is that no matter what it may be, or how insignificant your fear forces you to feel about your inspirations, just go for it. Fail if you must but at least you’re a little farther ahead in life with some new found experience. That alone is an achievement in itself. So take that leap once again towards the unknown and dare to find out what you are truly capable of, no matter what it may be. Because you never know who is tuning in and gaining insights, creativity, guidance, enlightenment or the courage to get through hardships of their own from your moments of genuine inspiration. 

Tanner Johnston