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What is a shaPeless mind 

What’s shakin’ my fellow Humans. My name is Tanner Johnston and for as long as I can remember I have been learning things the hard way. A student of experience. Familiar with the proverbial growing pains, if you will. But it’s through all of these life experiences, these somewhat rock bottom moments, that I have learned some of my greatest lessons, whether I liked it or not. At the same time I also grew a passion for personal development, whether that was emotional, physical and/or spiritual. Growing up at times in chaotic environments. Witnessing alcohol and drug abuse. Experiencing my own battles of substance abuse and unhealthy methods of medicating. As well as a lifetime of engaging and correcting bad habits that were suppressing me from living a healthy and happy life. Witnessing this environment and making costly mistakes of my own, I gained valuable experience for growth and methods of healing the subconscious trauma many of us battle in our own special ways. So my passion to explore methods and gain insight of habits that will point me in the right direction to become the greatest possible version of myself so that I may live this life to the fullest. While pairing that with a genuine belief that we can achieve optimal health and happiness through some “minimal dosage required” and holistic practices, have brought awareness to where I can be of great service to not only myself but to everyone around me. Hence forth I present to you The Shapeless Mind platform. An open book community where I share blog posts and podcasts of some of my deepest thoughts, lessons learned and hardships that I still face today. In hopes that we can all feel comfortable enough to spread this honest vulnerability through out the world so we can learn and grow together. I believe we have so much potential to become the best versions of ourselves. No matter what stage of life we are in. There’s no judgement here. The future holds no place for it. So here you will find articles on health and nutrition. Guides to mindful exercises, both physical and emotional. Some insights on how our environment and what we put in our body can be affecting our physical and emotional health. Simple life hacks on how to address and navigate through some of our ancestral subconscious behaviours that may be the underlining cause of a lot of our feelings of anxiety and fear. There are bad habits and there are good habits. No one way of living is the right one, but we are all capable of freeing ourselves from the toxic belief that the pain we are feeling is normal, that our solutions are only prescribed and medicated. We are capable of being whole. Whatever shape that may be.

Tanner – creator