A land unknown to many and home to so few. A land of great resiliency with breathtaking views. 

This is what I left Iceland knowing in my heart. A heart that was full. Full of visual ecstasy. A heart full of adventure and reassurance that there are an abundance of unimaginable wonders left in this world. From the familiar southern treasures like Diamond Beach or the beautiful glacial lagoon “Jökulsárlón”. To the secluded and astonishing monster to the north that isDettifoss”; a waterfall that is reputed to be the most powerful in all of Europe. Witnessing this power myself, it’s reputation does not precede it’s impressive power. All of which can be witnessed and enjoyed from the comfort of your very own home on wheels. I highly recommend it actually! The freedom to roam the inhabited landscape of Iceland in an all wheel drive camper van that is fully equipped with its very own wifi router and cooking utensils is a travelling experience like no other. It allows you the ability to really get off the beaten path (more so than you already are in that still very much untouched landscape). From rolling up to a hidden natural hot spring at dusk knowing we have no where to rush off to before dark. Allowing us to truly take in the geological pampering available all over this amazing country. To throwing a dart on a map and not looking back because we have all that we need with us packed conveniently under our cozy bed in the back seat. We experienced two sides of travel in Iceland. Bouncing from a rented car and an Air B&B in Icelands capital, Reykjavik. To touring the country side at our leisure in our rented camper van. Although the luxuries of running water and a drying machine are quite convenient and is a great experience nonetheless if you have limited time on the island. That isn’t what you are looking for when you travel to Iceland. You want to see it and experience it for all the adventure that it has to offer… and don’t worry there are many locations you can park your Van for the night that offer clean hot showers and common areas fully equipped with a washer and a dryer. That aside, Iceland is not a place we go to feel comfortable. I mean the name says it all… Ice-land. But the emotional and spiritual recharge you walk away with is a warm comfort in its own right. A place you go to be humbled by what our planet truly has to offer. A genuine sense of disconnect from our everyday busy lives if you allow yourself to be fully submerged into it’s almost unpredictable beauty. You might find yourself feeling a little more alive, I know we did. 

Tanner Johnston

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