DISSOCIATION of our part of the earths rotation

Toxic people or the sickness of toxicity,

Today more than ever we suffer from an ignorance of our impact on this planet. To our soil, our animals that inhabit the land, and more so the people we share this round ball of amazingness with. As we speak there are people at work to over throw efforts to reduce an already staggering number of plastic pollution in our oceans, our mountains and our landfills. Lobbyists at large are trying to reduce bans on certain plastics in certain areas. It has been said that if you piled all of the garbage in the Atlantic Ocean alone it would create an island that would tower over manhattan, never been to manhattan personally but that is absolutely mind boggling. So that brings me to the question of what kind of people are in support of this behaviour. Who could really be so ignorant to what is happening and continue their destructive push.. and it only led me to one conclusion. We as a species have a sickness. A moral toxicity if you will. Blinded by a superficial understanding of the world, fuelled by a condition of greed, conditioned by a strategic ploy to consume, and it is spiralling not only our species but every other species on this planet to what I could only imagine being a evolutionary and detrimental step in every direction but the right one. The frustration sometimes boils my blood. I can feel an anger that I can’t point in any beneficial direction other than a determination for doing everything I can to rid myself of this toxicity, this unnatural ailment that has detached us from not only nature but ourselves. A species at war with itself is almost guaranteed to not survive, and we are at the peak of that battleground. Sure we may not stand in the line of war, ready to charge at each other. But we are still at war with our health, our consumerism, our government and our birthright to be human that has been taxed and conditioned to believe that we owe anyone other than our planet a piece of our existence to simply BE. I understand this isn’t a treatment that is dealt with overnight. I also understand that there is no one at fault other than those who are trying to continue the path of destruction and paying quite handsomely for that to happen. I also don’t expect everyone to go out and become activist on the frontlines of this conflict. There are incredibly passionate people that are at work for us right now. All I do know is we owe it to ourselves and our land to do our part in reducing our negative impact on this earth. Taking simple steps to change our understanding of how life can be lived on this planet are as easy as making/buying/creating reusable products that can substitute plastic packaging. Growing and supporting local and ethical food sources. Simply being aware of what you are doing with each purchase or use of the things we subconsciously use in our day to day life that will have an incredible affect on this planet and our LIVES. Changing the way we view conflict will also have massive impacts. We can’t always forcefully affect our surroundings but we can change the ways in which we cooperate, function and consume in this life and that, in turn, has the most affective impact of where our world goes.

Mindfulness + Effort = change 

Tanner Johnston

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